Adding Reminders Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Adding Reminders

Reminders are a Planfix tool that help make sure you don't forget about important dates and actions that need to be taken. 

date and time flexible interface reminders in tasks and contacts reminders for employees recurring reminders
Reminders help you keep track of important dates, emails that need responses, colleagues needing feedback, and invoices that need to be sent to your manager.
Date and Time — Adding Reminders

Date and Time

Set reminders for specific dates and times. Flexible settings let you set reminders for times as specific as 11:58, if every minute counts. 

Flexible Interface — Adding Reminders

Flexible Interface

Add reminders in a planner, calendar, task, or contact and they'll appear in the Chronicle or any other communication channel where you've enabled notifications. 

Reminders in Tasks and Contacts — Adding Reminders

Reminders in Tasks and Contacts

Add reminders to a task so you don't forget to check how work is progressing or to write a message to your colleagues. Set reminders in Contact cards to remind yourself of, say, a call you need to make.

Reminders for Employees — Adding Reminders

Reminders for Employees

Use reminders for employees with details in the reminder text to set small assignments for specific times. In this way, you'll save time and make your teamwork more efficient. 

Recurring Reminders — Adding Reminders

Recurring Reminders

Make a reminder recurring if you need it sent regularly. This helps remind you of routine work — set the reminder once and forget it. 

Use reminders to help you complete microtasks, but use Recurring Tasks for larger repeated assignments

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