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External Storage

Not only does Planfix provide internal data storage, but you can also link to external storage. Add links to documents from cloud storage and find them in Planfix quickly as needed.

flexibility speed hybrid use
Flexibility — External Storage


Upload files to Planfix from your local device or cloud storage, or save links to files from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Export Planfix reports to Google Sheets for further processing.

Speed — External Storage


Add document links from cloud storage to a task in a matter of clicks, and add a name and description. You won't need to go to your cloud storage provider to find files in the future — simply locate the link in your task.

Hybrid Use — External Storage

Hybrid Use

Set up workflows and rules for working with documents to ensure effective teamwork. Combine files from internal and external storage, and configure access to documents for colleagues and external contacts.

Use Planfix to work with and store documents. If you find that there isn't enough storage for your needs, choose an external storage provider with a Planfix integration, and make teamwork on files more convenient than ever.
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