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Tasks on a Map

Tasks on a map help you manage tasks with geolocations. Use this tool to display important locations and routes on a map and make working on tasks more interactive.

ease of setup flexible routes colored flags
Ease of Setup — Tasks on a Map

Ease of Setup

To get a point on a map, simply create a "Location" field in a task and add an address.

Flexible Routes — Tasks on a Map

Flexible Routes

Tasks create routes and display approximate time on the road, and routes can be changed easily by simply dragging a point on the map.

Colored Flags — Tasks on a Map

Colored Flags

Track completed orders using task icons, which are colored according to their status. Assign colors to statuses to create a color scheme for tasks on the map.

Linking tasks to maps helps you visualize an area, making work easier for companies that utilize maps.
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