Work with files stored in the cloud just as easily as you do with locally-stored files.


With Dropbox integration in Planfix CRM, you can efficiently work with files from external storage, just like you usually would. You can even attach these external files to comments on tasks or contact cards without worrying about cluttering your Planfix storage or taking up extra space.


Google Drive

Google Drive integration in Planfix CRM allows you to store your files in external storage and quickly add links to them within Planfix. This way, you can easily access the files without wasting space in Planfix. In addition, the integration provides an extra layer of file access control in external storage and Planfix.

Google drive


The main benefit of OneDrive integration in Planfix CRM is that it makes it easy to collaborate and edit files with colleagues within the cloud storage while ensuring that the latest version of the document is always visible in Planfix.


You can keep your files in cloud storages and work with them in Planfix. You can attach them to tasks and contacts, as well as usual files, but they will not be uploaded in Planfix and thus take disk space. You can also use an additional level of access rights: besides rights in Planfix, you can also set rights in cloud storage. Moreover, the main advantage of this integration is a possibility to use and edit files in cloud storage simultaneously and jointly. While in Planfix you will also see the latest version of the document.

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