Messengers and
social networks

Communicate with your clients on their preferred platform,
be it Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram.
Integration with Telegram gives opportunity to organize processing clients' messages from mobile device, work of support team and so on in Planfix. Create tasks and projects in Planfix from Telegram. Transmit messages from Planfix task to Telegram chat and vice versa.
If Instagram sales help drive your business, use the Planfix integration for Instagram. With this integration, you can view a calendar of meetings, visits, or deliveries for each client from Instagram. You can also set notifications and effectively manage orders. All the while your client will be thinking about how easy it is to communicate with you on Instagram.
Connect your Viber public account and communicate with your clients, using additional opportunities granted by Planfix. Dialogue with each client will become a new task, and comments sent to the client from PlanFix will be sent to his/her Viber as sent from your public account.
Facebook is the largest international social network. Link your business's Facebook page to Planfix and any message a follower or visitor sends will be brought into Planfix and addressed by your employees in a timely fashion. Employee responses will be sent from your company's name.
More and more users prefer WhatsApp over email and phone calls. To accommodate this, link your WhatsApp account to Planfix. Users will be able to write to you from WhatsApp, and you and your coworkers will be able to respond in the convenient Planfix interface.
Chat integrations
Link Chatra or any other online chat platform to Planfix and process messages in real time right from Planfix.

Planfix Integrations

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