Tracking Whatever You Need Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Tracking Whatever You Need

Data tags in Planfix are a tool for adding different kinds of data to tasks. Create your own data tags, calculate totals, and recalculate them as needed.

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For IT — Tracking Whatever You Need


For IT

Predict deadlines and costs for product development using data tags you've added to Planfix. Track expenses on human resources, as well as the total workload of employees within projects.

For Finance — Tracking Whatever You Need

For Finance

Add data tags to Planfix to track project costs and view return on investment. Track expenses and revenue for internal tasks. For example, you can track expenses on employee salaries, company software, and other operational costs.

For Sales — Tracking Whatever You Need


For Sales

Use data tags to track calls and the quantity and cost of goods and services. Calculate employee efficiency, as well as LTV, CAC, CRR, and other company profits.

For Marketing — Tracking Whatever You Need


For Marketing

Use data tags to create a marketing budget, calculate costs of advertising campaigns, and help your marketing team work more effectively. Use data tags to track completed work, evaluate productivity, and calculate return on investment.

For Managers — Tracking Whatever You Need

For Managers

Add data tags to track time employees spend on tasks and to analyze workload and productivity. Data tags can be used in reports to gather and present data on employees and tasks within projects.

Data tags let you enter additional data into Planfix that isn't already in the system. Create all sorts of data tags and track the data you need, all in one place.
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