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Project Templates

Project templates are tools that save you time, worries, and energy. Create project structures, share them with colleagues, and start new projects with ease.

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creating projects in two clicks teamwork flexible settings three-tiered access system versatility and scalability levels of structure
Creating Projects in Two Clicks — Project Templates

Creating Projects in Two Clicks

Use system and custom templates to create standard projects in Planfix. With these templates, you can quickly create a project with a pre-defined structure, which can be modified and added to upon client request.

Templates are flexible and scalable, which helps any business automate their processes — from startups to large ad agencies with thousands of clients.
Teamwork — Project Templates


Specify roles in project templates and assign employees to these roles. Configure access to templates and share them with colleagues.

Flexible Settings — Project Templates

Flexible Settings

Project templates can be adjusted based on requests from individuals or companies in any industry.

Three-tiered Access System — Project Templates

Three-tiered Access System

In Planfix, access to project templates is easy to manage. Manage access by specifying employees who can see and edit a template.

Versatility and Scalability  — Project Templates

Versatility and Scalability

Planfix is a "transformer" that's easy to scale and use in different business processes — for IT companies, marketing agencies, and car repair shops to charity organizations and kindergartens.

Levels of Structure  — Project Templates

Levels of Structure

Project templates let you create a structure for task templates. This speeds up the process of creating new tasks as part of a project template.

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