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Checklists are a Planfix tool that help teams reach their goals as efficiently as possible. You can simplify even the most complex tasks by breaking them out into checklist items.

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creating tasks and subtasks task levels flexible checklist management configuring access
Creating Tasks and Subtasks — Checklists

Creating Tasks and Subtasks

Break out large assignments into checklist items and transform them into tasks and subtasks in a matter of clicks. Change the order of checklist items to change the order they get completed in or to turn a task into a subtask.

Task Levels — Checklists


Task Levels

Checklists help you bring order to your tasks and set priorities for teams. Structure checklists into a task tree, defining the sequence of steps and project work stages.

Flexible Checklist Management — Checklists

Flexible Checklist Management

Create, edit, and complete checklist items straight from task cards, eliminating the need to search for subtasks in the main task list.

Configuring Access — Checklists


Configuring Access

Manage checklist visibility for employees. Grant or revoke employees access to tasks or subtasks in a checklist so they either see all stages or just the ones they're involved in.

The main objective of Planfix is to make your work simpler and more convenient, minimizing time spent on day-to-day tasks.
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