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Task Processes

Task processes help you construct a task's lifecycle, from creation to completion. Use task processes to simplify even the most complex and large-scale business processes with multiple participants.

statuses buttons automate processes
Statuses — Task Processes


Use system status sets or create your own, configuring rules for transitions between statuses for employees and clients. Scripts are the main automation tool in Planfix. Use them to offload monotonous tasks onto the system. Try automating adding data tags or creating projects from templates.

Buttons — Task Processes



Buttons let you complete actions with a single click. Simplify your work and specify which buttons are visible to which users and automate button clicks with scripts.

Automate Processes — Task Processes

Automate Processes

Free yourself from routine tasks. Use statuses, scripts, and buttons to structure and automate workflows of any complexity and scale.

Task processes are multifunctional and help you bring ideas to life and speed up workflows.
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