Sequential Tasks Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Sequential Tasks

Sequential tasks are a Planfix tool that help you create a chain of tasks for assignees and participants.

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from chaos to order no one gets overloaded keep team time management in order
Set up sequential tasks and turn even the most complex and large-scale business processes into a structured task flow.
From Chaos to Order — Sequential Tasks


From Chaos to Order

With the help of properly set-up sequential tasks, your team will work as one unit.

No One Gets Overloaded — Sequential Tasks


No One Gets Overloaded

Sequential tasks let you delegate work to team members step by step according to the project roadmap.

Keep Team Time Management in Order — Sequential Tasks


Keep Team Time Management in Order

Every member of the team will only see the project tasks that they need to complete at the current stage. There's only one way to eat an elephant, after all — a bite at a time.

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