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Companies and Contacts

Contacts are individuals and entities that you work with in Planfix. Create contact cards and store data in them for clients, contractors, suppliers, or business partners.

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Features — Companies and Contacts



Add, modify, and store client data in one card. Structure information and get quick access to it when needed. The flexible settings of contact fields let you enter any important client information.

Contact Templates — Companies and Contacts


Contact Templates

Speed up company workflows with contact templates. Use system templates or create your own with the sets of fields you need.

System Fields — Companies and Contacts

System Fields

System fields help you enter clients' contact information, such as name, phone number, website, and email. You can use the additional information field to enter specifics of working with the client, such as the hours during which you should not call them.

Custom Fields — Companies and Contacts


Custom Fields

Create your own fields and use them to store data tags, files, or other important information about the client that you need on hand when communicating with them.

Access Settings — Companies and Contacts


Access Settings

Settings for access to contacts help you manage which employees can see contacts in tasks, projects, reports, planners, and other Planfix sections.

Create contacts based on templates and manage them without leaving their contact card. Communicate with clients while viewing all information about them in their card.
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