Work with data on a new level.
Plan events and organize group work.
Using Google Forms you can create forms for data collection. Also, you can quickly send this information to Planfix.
Microsoft Word/Excel
Supplement document templates in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format by fields from Planfix tasks and analytics, and get ready documents with necessary data, attached to the necessary tasks. Print or issue in electronic form Microsoft Excel or Word documents, based on Planfix tasks.
Microsoft Word
Create contracts, invoices, bills, commercial proposals, and more directly from Planfix data. Simplify your document workflow and work more efficiently.
Microsoft Excel
Multiply your opportunities to work with spreadsheets in Planfix! Edit documents, synchronize them with no data loss, collaborate with your teams, and boost productivity!
Google Calendar is a service for planning meetings and events with the possibility of collective work. Sync your data with Google Calendar with Planfix.
Planfix can synchronize your contacts from Google Contacts. Synchronization works both ways: your contacts are transferred from Planfix to Google, and vice versa.

Planfix Integrations

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