Supplement templates from Microsoft Excel or Word documents by adding fields from Planfix tasks and data tags — you get documents filled with the data you need, ready to use

Integration with Microsoft Word and Excel

How many programmers does it take to add a new form to Planfix?
All you have to do is upload the form to Planfix as a Word or Excel file, and then use the resulting template to create the documents you need, which will contain client or task data. This makes it easy to generate documents of varying complexity, while ensuring that they comply with even the strictest document-management requirements
The answer is: none!
How does Planfix know what data to use to fill out your document?
You add special text elements to specific places in the template. The text elements are linked to the corresponding Planfix fields When creating a document using your template, the system substitutes the actual Planfix data in place of these text elements.
Prepared report
Configured template
Documents our clients typically create using these templates:
Driver logs
Manufacturing requests
And many more

Monthly bills and invoices for work completed for a client, based on all data entered by your employees about transactions from the client's orders over the course of the month.

The data is entered by different people at different times, as different tasks are completed — and it's all brought together in one report and saved as a form document in a couple clicks. No manual work — one continuous automation.

You can also generate summary documents containing complex datasets from Planfix reports.

Simple example

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