Get Planfix working with a variety of other apps — no programming or specialized knowledge needed!

Integrating Planfix
with other apps and services

Use the Zapier or Make integrations to connect services be sent to Zapier, Albato and share Planfix data with other apps and services. And you can do it all without any programming or specialized knowledge!
We know that there are other tools you use besides Planfix. You have dozens of other useful services at your disposal to help you work smarter with email, documents, social media messages, phone calls, and other important aspects of your work. This is a whole separate universe, parallel to the Planfix universe. However, joining the two "universes" takes little to no effort.
How it works

Let's look at a simple example. Suppose you get an email with an order or an interesting business offer, and you want to make it into a Planfix task. Usually, you'd have to copy the body of the email, go to Planfix, create a task, and paste the body of the email into the description. But what if you were to use a service connector? In that case:

You'd mark the email in your inbox with a "favorites" star

the information would be sent to Zapier, Albato or Make

and they would create a Planfix task out of the email. All you have to do is click the star next to the email

Hundreds of apps to meet your every need

The main advantage service connectors bring to the table is that you can use them to integrate many popular apps and services — CRM, messengers, Google services, online stores, telephony, chats, and more. When you add the Zapier, Albato or Make integrations to Planfix, you automatically gain the ability to exchange data with all of these services.

You have to make things a bit more complicated in order to make them simpler, but it's worth your while

Of course, there's no magic involved. The logic for how Planfix will interact with the service or services you choose needs to be configured in Zapier. It works something like this:

select an event (a TRIGGER) that occurs in Service 1


and indicate something (an ACTION) that should happen in Service 2 as a result of the event


The list of triggers and actions in Planfix that you can launch from other apps is fairly extensive. You'll see when you configure the integration.

When you add a service connector like Zapier, Albato or Make to your lineup of Planfix integrations, you expand your abilities to link the services your business uses. And, most importantly, you can do it the Planfix way — no programming or special knowledge required.

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