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Linking work tasks to maps is very desirable, and there's a lot you can get out of it. Imagine that you're the owner of an online store or the manager of a pizzeria. If your company wants to be known for accurate and speedy delivery, your delivery staff need to be able to figure out with ease what they're delivering and where they're taking it. And, ideally, they need an optimized route when they have more than one delivery to make. Planfix can help with all of this, by indicating delivery addresses as labels on a map and displaying a route.
How it works

You can add a Location field to any task (contact, project, or directory). This is a special type of field: you enter an address as input, and Google Maps or OpenStreetMap recognizes this address and returns a label on a map as output:

Moreover, you can also display the entire list of tasks with Location fields on a map. Each task will have its own geotag. When you click a geotag, Planfix will display the associated task name. The color of the tag will be determined by the status of the task. By looking at the map, you can easily track the status of orders.

But that's not all. Planfix does more than just mark tasks on a map — it also generates routes between them, showing the overall distance and estimated travel time. The order of points on the route is determined by the order of tasks in the list. This also helps you create convenient routes for delivery people or installation crews, so they're not going back and forth across the city all day:

Google Maps

Integrate Planfix with Google Maps to unlock new possibilities for your business. Reduce customer wait times by simplifying logistics and city navigation for your drivers.


With Planfix's CRM map integration, you can view the list of customer requests on the map, plan convenient delivery routes, and track the progress of orders directly on a map. Use color-coded markers to indicate whether an order has been completed.

Integrating maps in Planfix gives your business a wide array of new capabilities. Most importantly, everything can be done in one interface and in conjunction with all of Planfix's other powerful tools.

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