We love email. We use email, our clients use email, and our clients' clients use email. So Planfix has gotten to know email better than other systems have.
Every Planfix employee has their own internal email address. All messages sent to this email address become Planfix tasks that are assigned to the employee. This allows the employee, their colleagues, or their clients to send emails in instances when they need to create Planfix tasks.
All Planfix projects also have their own email address. Emails sent to this address become tasks in the project. Moreover, the task is given assignees, auditors, and other details based on the defaults for tasks in this project.
You can create additional virtual email addresses in your Planfix account and receive requests, applications, and regular email through it. Planfix lets you configure processing rules for each of these inboxes.
Every Planfix task also has its own email address. If you send an email to this address, the contents will be added to the task as a comment, along with any files attached to the email.
Customizable rules for processing emails

Rules for processing emails let you process emails sent to any Planfix email address and establish preferences according to which tasks and comments are added, depending on conditions you set.

CRM and email integration allows you to connect certain employees to tasks as assignees — such as employees whose last names are mentioned in the subject line or body of emails. This lets you seamlessly and easily create tasks from client emails and link the colleagues who need to process them.

The rules also let you automatically process requests submitted through forms on your site or orders from your online store. All of the parameters you need will be selected from the email and added to the task fields as you specify.

Correspondence with external contacts in Planfix

Clients or other external contacts who write you an email will become the assigner of the task created in Planfix due to CRM Gmail integration. If you add a comment to the task and notify the client about it, they will receive an email with the comment text.

This method of communicating lets you freely discuss client requests with colleagues right in the task and send the client only the messages containing questions or clarifications that pertain to them. All of the communication happens in one place and is visible in the task thread, which means that the discussion history is always available to managers and new employees linked to the task.

Planfix has tools for outbound email as well: you can set up templates, include automatic signatures, or include additional information from task fields. You can use different templates in different situations. For example, an automatic response to a client request can contain key parameters from the request, and any further communication from your coworkers can take place through emails that, from the client's perspective, will be no different from regular emails.

And any task activity is sent to the client as a regular email
You simply configure a template in Planfix

In each email to the client, there is a link to their dashboard, where they see both the current communication and the history of all their conversations. If this link is not needed, it can be excluded from the email template.

Planfix - CRM software with email integration. You can use employees' personal email addresses or conduct all communication from a single, non-personalized email address — all at your own discretion.

If you love email as much as we do, sign up for Planfix and use email on a whole new level!

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