If you still use ordinary telephones in your office, chances are you're missing out an important tool.

Integrating virtual PBX

Technology has advanced, and you can save money by using IP telephony for incoming and outgoing calls. Your telephone provider probably offers virtual PBX, which lets you accept calls on the computer or using a SIP phone.

If your provider doesn't offer virtual PBX, you have other options: you can use any cloud PBX, which you can easily add phone numbers to.
Planfix doesn't sell communication services—you should use the channels and providers that make sense for your business. Our virtual PBX integration simply makes it easier to manage incoming and outgoing calls:
You can see who is calling and what their professional relationship is to you while the caller is still hearing the dial tone.
All calls are sent to Planfix
After you finish a call, your work has just begun: a task is created or a comment is added to an existing task; a reminder is set; and next steps are planned. You can listen to recorded calls at any time, and you can discuss call recordings with employees as needed.
Forgetting about a call once it's over? No way!
You can use reports to learn about incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, in the section about employees and clients. The Planfix report builder makes it easy to create additional reports in other sections as needed.
Reports will show who is working
After you receive a request from a client through Facebook, you may continue communicating with them by phone or email. The entire history of your interaction will be kept in one place available to those you work with. That means that your manager or coworkers will be able to access the history and familiarize themselves with it as needed.
Bringing together discussions from various platforms

If you aren't using cloud PBX yet, now's the time to start. Used in conjunction with Planfix, cloud PBX not only saves you money, but it also makes your company work much more efficiently and makes your clients more satisfied.

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