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Combine business processes and tasks into projects of any complexity and scale. Automate your project management from planning and accounting to launch and sales in one system.

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Project Groups

Break out projects into groups to make them easier to manage.


Make it easier to visually comprehend the structure of your company's projects.

Project Tree

Simplify the visualization of nested projects.

Hidden Projects

Hide projects from clients and employees as needed.

Project Templates

Create projects quickly with pre-defined preferences and a task tree already in place.

Project Templates Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Save as Template

Turn a successful project into a template to use for future projects.

Project Statuses

Mark projects with special statuses that help you distinguish between those that are completed and those that are still in progress.

Access to Tasks in a Project

Employees will only see the tasks in a project that they have access to.

Types of Project Display

Display projects as a list, separate them into groups, or split them up by counterparty.

Types of Project Display Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Custom Fields

Expand on standard project features by adding different types of custom fields.

Planned Completion Date

Helps monitor and meet project deadlines.

Project Client Manager

Helps with contacting clients so the rest of the company's employees can stay on task.

Project Auditors

Monitor project progress and assign, edit, and delete tasks.

Custom Roles

Add any roles to a project template and assign employees to these roles in specific projects.

Custom Roles Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Project Log

Contains information about actions across all project tasks.

Project Contacts

Displays information about contacts you might need to reach while working on a project.

Project Documents

Documents can be found in one place for easy viewing, editing, or downloading.

Project Documents Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Project Notifications

Enable additional notifications for important project tasks.

Bulk Project Changes

Select several projects and apply changes to them all at once.

Project Reports

With a single click, launch any universal report using data for a specific project.

Project Reports Planfix CRM and Project Management System


Mark important projects as favorites for quick access.

Project Filters

Use flexible project filtering with complex conditions.

Recycle Bin

Restore projects up to a year after deletion.

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