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Custom Roles

User roles is a Planfix tool that automates work with projects. Create project templates and set custom roles for employees, accelerating work and making interacting with them more flexible.

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acceleration of project work routine automation access rights
Custom roles help you automate your business processes. Create roles, and specify them in project templates to avoid routine actions.
Acceleration of Project Work — Custom Roles

Acceleration of Project Work

Create templates of the same project types—e.g., for developers, sales departments or Internet providers, and support services—to accelerate the company's business processes. Add responsible executors to project templates; set custom roles so that projects created according to such a template will adopt these settings.

Routine Automation — Custom Roles

Routine Automation

Automate enterprise-wide business processes with custom roles. Once roles are defined in the project template, tasks from the project are always routed to the specified employee. Assign roles to new team members; the system automatically assigns them to project tasks.

Access Rights — Custom Roles

Access Rights

The flexibility of access rights in Planfix CRM improves team collaboration and makes it more efficient. For example, you can create custom project roles in the system and automatically grant them the appropriate access rights. 

Additionally, the system allows you to easily assign employees to other roles while preserving their access rights, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This streamlines the process of managing team members and their organizational roles.
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