Nonprofit Organizations Management Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Nonprofit Organizations Management

Planfix has powerful tools that allow you to configure a CRM and project management system, optimize fundraising, and attract investment for nonprofits, all in a unified environment.

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Why Planfix Is the Best CRM for Nonprofits Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Why Planfix Is the Best CRM for Nonprofits

Planfix's CRM solution for nonprofits is a platform with flexible process automation settings.

Increase the efficiency of volunteer work.
Centralize donor management on a single platform.
Documents, invoices, applications, and agreements - always at your fingertips.
Manage grants, donations, and funding.

Improve donor acquisition

Improve your fundraising strategy

Automate workflows work
Omnichannel Communication Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Omnichannel Communication

Connect social networks and various messengers. Build communications through channels familiar to your donors. Optimize donor acquisition, retention of loyal supporters, and re-engagement of donors.

Organization of Volunteer Work  Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Organization of Volunteer Work

Set up business processes alongside your teams' regular work on a single task and project management platform for nonprofits.

Automate your teams' work with Planfix tools.
Configure projects and distribute tasks among your staff.
Manage task progress.
Increase volunteer efficiency.


Effective project management for nonprofit organizations.


An unlimited number of tasks and subtasks, recurring and cumulative.


Planners help manage tasks and projects conveniently.
Centralized Donor Management Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Centralized Donor Management

Manage a database of contacts and your relationships with them on a single platform. Implement document management and create document templates. Planfix provides both internal storage and the ability to connect external storage to conveniently edit, share, and store documents.


All present documents retain their versions and log the changes made.

Document Templates

Create your own document templates to speed up work with standard documents.


Manage a customer base, all correspondence, agreements, and files in a unified repository.
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Flexible Budgeting and Reporting Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Flexible Budgeting and Reporting

A system to help you organize your financial and operational tasks. Initiate fundraising campaigns and keep track of grants and financial inflows. Generate reports on work done and resources expended.



Flexible Accounting



Systematize all your activities by dividing them into projects and tasks.
Flexible settings allow you to manage your activities effectively, and handy boards and planners ensure you stay aware of the flow of tasks and events.
Plan fundraising events, sync calendars and connect participants.
Flexible distribution tasks among employees, volunteers, and contractors.
Create workflows to manage fundraising events.
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Directories help structure data by fundraising direction and activity type.
Document templates speed up document exchange and the creation of standard proposals, invoices, and letters.
Create and budget your fundraising strategy.
Plan expenses for fundraising events and volunteer recruitment.
Prepare documents for grant applications and investments.
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Flexible Accounting

The platform's flexibility allows you to track every activity and retrieve all data from the system.
Data tags allow for accounting of different aspects: by contractor, direction, task, and project.
Track the time spent preparing events and activities.
Collect information on fundraising from donors.
Account for your projects’ and activities’ expenses.
Data Tags in Planfix


Planfix helps you keep your finances in order. Set up regular reports, and the system will generate them for you at specific times.
Keep track of your resource costs and optimize fundraising efforts.
Make operational decisions based on the data obtained.
Create visually appealing reports in tables and charts for your investors and donors.
Reporting in Planfix
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