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Planfix Telephony API Integration

Easily connect any PBX to Planfix using the Planfix Telephony API. Work with familiar services, gather and analyze call data, and engage with clients more effectively.

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enhanced calling features client card management for call centers for sales departments for support services
Enhanced Calling Features — Planfix Telephony API Integration

Enhanced Calling Features

Place calls through the Planfix interface, log client details during conversations, enjoy automated call routing from customers to managers, and much more.

 Client Card Management — Planfix Telephony API Integration

Client Card Management

Effortlessly store and update client information in a user-friendly format during calls. When you receive an incoming call, Planfix will automatically bring up the client's card or create a new one if it's their first call.

For Call Centers — Planfix Telephony API Integration

For Call Centers

Reduce telephony costs with cloud PBX. Collect and analyze data, record and review calls to improve customer service quality.

For Sales Departments — Planfix Telephony API Integration

For Sales Departments

Automate your sales team's workflow. Create and fill out client cards automatically, collect call result data into reports, and manage business processes efficiently.

For Support Services — Planfix Telephony API Integration

For Support Services

Set up integration with cloud telephony to simplify your support team's work and cut expenses. Analyze recorded calls and monitor employee performance to ensure quality service.

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