Using Webhooks Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Using Webhooks

Planfix is a system that adapts with ease to the needs of a company's business processes. Link Planfix to web services and software with webhooks and automate work within teams.

transfer data quickly save time
Transfer Data Quickly — Using Webhooks


Transfer Data Quickly

Use webhooks to set up interaction with other programs and sites quickly. Webhooks let you run scripts, receive and pass data, and automate company workflows.

Save Time — Using Webhooks


Save Time

Planfix's flexibility lets you use it as a central point for receiving and processing information from other systems and software where you've already set up work processes. You won't need to set up those processes again when you use Planfix. Link other software or solutions to Planfix using webhooks and save yourself time.

Planfix's flexibility lets you customize the system according to your specific business processes and tasks, and you can also integrate other systems, making group work much quicker and easier.
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