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Time Zones

Time Zones is a Planfix tool that allows a team to work from different time zones in a single system. This way, your colleagues will receive tasks at the right time regardless of the time zone.

for remote and hybrid work for teams working in different time zones vacation calendars
For Remote and Hybrid Work — Time Zones

For Remote and Hybrid Work

In modern reality, remote or hybrid work has replaced office work. Planfix provides modern methods of managing and coordinating teams you need to make teamwork more efficient. Combine mixed working methods, set employee time zones, and make teamwork more productive.

For Teams Working in Different Time Zones — Time Zones

For Teams Working in Different Time Zones

Planfix helps organize collaboration among teams in different cities, countries, and time zones. The time zone tool is helpful for companies working in development, design, technical support, call centers, and other companies working remotely.

Vacation Calendars — Time Zones

Vacation Calendars

Manage sick leave requests, set days off for the entire company or teams working in different time zones. Manage free time slots, freely distribute work tasks, and keep track of salaries, bonuses, and other required parameters.

Planfix is a multifunctional service that adapts to companies of different activity areas and sizes. Its flexible settings help organize in-office, remote, or mixed teams.
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