Employee Work Schedules Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Employee Work Schedules

Work schedules help managers see the distribution of employees' working and nonworking time within a given calendar period.

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Employee time management is a feature highly appreciated by company managers, department heads, HR, and professionals responsible for employing a company's staff.
Working Hours — Employee Work Schedules

Working Hours

You can set work hours for the entire company or teams at the account level. Save time by setting working time for one team member and applying that to all team members. Then, you can manage individual employees' working hours through their cards with a few clicks.

Vacation Calendar — Employee Work Schedules

Vacation Calendar

Using Planfix's handy vacation calendar, employees can manage their days off. Add sick leave and vacation days to your calendar to manage free time slots, freely distribute work tasks, and keep track of salaries, bonuses, and other required parameters.

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