Managing Employees without Access  Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Managing Employees without Access

Flexible employee management helps set up business processes in outsourcing and with contacts who do not have access to Planfix.

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Features — Managing Employees without Access



Set up planners, task filters, and reports for employees without access and without bothering them with notifications, or work with external contractors or outsourcers without creating Planfix accounts.

Activity Tracking Features — Managing Employees without Access

Activity Tracking Features

Communicate, assign tasks, flexibly manage, and account for the performance of employees with and without access. Count time spent on tasks and projects, wages, and work with a single system.

Set up work with contacts and employees without needing to add them to the system.
Flexibility in Licensing — Managing Employees without Access

Flexibility in Licensing

Decide who from the team can open accounts and who should be involved in business processes without access to Planfix. Manage the number of accounts and connections the way you want.

Effectively manage all types of communication with external and internal teams in a single business management environment: Planfix.
Automate even more tasks with Planfix's integrated capabilities

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