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The main goal of Planfix is to automate the company's business processes. Therefore, routine and similar tasks will be performed by robots.

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downplaying team time robotize internal business processes automate communication with customers
Downplaying Team Time — Robots

Downplaying Team Time

We have taught robots to perform various automated actions: communicate with customers, inform employees, and alert them to possible errors or irregularities in their work. Solve more business challenges with robots to minimize team workload.

Robotize Internal Business Processes — Robots

Robotize Internal Business Processes

Save a manager, HR, or team leader's time sending newsletters within the company using customized automation. For example, instruct robots to notify employees of changes, send reminders, and handle repeatable, simple, and routine tasks.

Automate Communication with Customers — Robots

Automate Communication with Customers

Automate sales channels and connect robots with public customers—from notifying them that an order has been received to letting them know it has shipped without involving an additional team.

Delegate routine processes with Planfix's automated tools. Save staff time with the help of robots who perform actions on their behalf.
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