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Task Templates for New Employees

New employee task templates are a Planfix tool that helps team leaders, HR managers, or owners of companies to accelerate the onboarding of new employees.

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Develop onboarding in Planfix or transfer new employee onboarding methods into the system. Create standard onboarding tasks for employees and start processes according to the scenario you establish.

Automatic Task Templates — Task Templates for New Employees

Automatic Task Templates

Create task templates for departments or individual employees, so you do not have to create the same tasks repeatedly. If you have created task templates of the same type, for example, for call center employees or recruiters, they will be automatically assigned to them when they connect to Planfix.

New employee task templates help automate the onboarding of new employees in the company. Set the tasks on your behalf, and they will be created in the order you want for the employee.
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