Smart Search Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Smart Search

Smart search is a flexible tool that speeds up and simplifies your work with Planfix. Use this tool to quickly find tasks, projects, contacts, directories, names, file descriptions, and other objects.

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optimization search by word parts search by word forms and word combinations versatility and flexibility
Optimization — Smart Search


Intelligent search helps you quickly find the information and objects within the system that you need. Determine how the search should work: by word parts or forms.

Search by Word Parts — Smart Search

Search by Word Parts

This flexible search type helps you find tasks, projects, and documents in Planfix using parts of words. Enter at least three characters from the object's name to find what you need.

Search by Word Forms and Word Combinations — Smart Search

Search by Word Forms and Word Combinations

Planfix can distinguish individual word forms, which helps you find objects even when using an approximate combination of words. Search for any Planfix object you need using word forms or word combinations.

Versatility and Flexibility — Smart Search

Versatility and Flexibility

Advanced search options will help you find information in both system and custom fields. Speed up your work with the Planfix quick search.

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