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Selection Parameters

Planners are a tool for managing projects. Planner's selection parameters determine which tasks, projects, contacts, or other Planfix objects will be displayed in it.

flexible settings features for employees for management and team leads
Flexible Settings — Selection Parameters

Flexible Settings

Set selection parameters in planners to view the tasks, contacts, and projects you need in one list. Set connections between them and manage their order.

Features — Selection Parameters


Select the Planner display type that suits your needs: list, cards, schedule, calendar, table, or kanban board. Use synchronization features to automate bulk changes to lists and eliminate the need for time-consuming manual work.

For Employees — Selection Parameters

For Employees

Select, set up, and display in the Planner just the tasks you need for your work. Use planner settings to manage calls, meetings, urgent tasks, and projects that need to be completed on time, and stay on top of everything.

For Management and Team Leads — Selection Parameters

For Management and Team Leads

Manage your tasks, as well as the tasks of individual employees and teams. Set up Planner lists to manage employee workloads, monitor task statuses and deadlines, and much more.

Planner selection parameters make your work more efficient by structuring your tasks, projects, and contacts. Display selected Planfix objects in various types of Planner lists to make your work more convenient and get a visually appealing overview.
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