One Task in Multiple Lists Planfix CRM and Project Management System

One Task in Multiple Lists

Planfix is a project-management system that automates company workflows. Create tasks and display them in multiple planner lists to work on them with ease.

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Features — One Task in Multiple Lists



Group, sort, and display tasks in a planner based on your desired parameters: by counterparty, project, assignee, assigner, or dates. If desired, don't duplicate tasks in different lists.

Flexible Settings — One Task in Multiple Lists

Flexible Settings

Set up planners with tasks for yourself and your teams. Add a Gantt chart with tasks for marketing, a kanban board for IT teams, and calendars or tables for sales. Use the same tasks in different planners, displaying them differently depending on the goals of the users viewing the planner.

Customize Planfix to meet your teams' needs. Create planners, add tasks to them, and display them conveniently.
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