Integration with Mail Services  Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Integration with Mail Services

Use email mailout integrations to expand your communication channels with contacts. Create newsletters, ad campaigns, surveys, and much more in a unified business management system.

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manage contacts managing mailouts segmenting client bases api
Manage Contacts — Integration with Mail Services


Manage Contacts

Combine mailout services with Planfix to easily manage subscriptions and contact groups. Modify contacts in Planfix and they'll automatically be updated in the services you've integrated.

Managing Mailouts — Integration with Mail Services


Managing Mailouts

Using Planfix integrations with email mailout services, you can send clients emails as well as quickly process their responses directly in the system.

Segmenting Client Bases — Integration with Mail Services

Segmenting Client Bases

Segment client bases using various parameters: service, tech support, suppliers, contractors, or other groups. Communicate with groups or individual contacts in Planfix or through mailout services.

API — Integration with Mail Services



Experience the flexible customizations of Planfix when you connect an integration with email services or set up a connection with a service using an API.

Transfer contacts' email addresses from Planfix to email mailout services to set up emails to send to the desired customer base.
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