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Company Structure

The corporate structure is the most important document of any company, reflecting the composition and hierarchy of the organization's departments.

friendly user interface control flexibility access level management
Friendly User Interface — Company Structure

Friendly User Interface

Assign employees to work for and create links between groups to visually control the subordination hierarchy. And thanks to the intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop feature, you can quickly transfer even the most complex corporate structure to the mind map.

Control Flexibility — Company Structure

Control Flexibility

The corporate structure is a tool to organize decision-making and distribution of responsibilities. Enter and modify enterprise structure data and drag-and-drop links between them into a single Planfix interface.

Access Level Management — Company Structure

Access Level Management

You can easily organize teamwork using Planfix's flexible access levels. The system's corporate structure allows team leaders to access each other's tasks and the team's tasks.

Create a productive management company with a handy tool -Company Structure, which schematically shows the company's areas of work, employees' relationships, and responsibilities distribution.
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