Chronicle Planfix CRM and Project Management System


Chronicle is your main tool for communicating with colleagues and clients, replacing messengers and email.

flexible management quick actions important events quick responses communication center reminders changing task data unread event count setting up a timeline
Flexible Management — Chronicle

Flexible Management

Configure Chronicle to show you just the important messages. Get notifications from colleagues and clients in various communication channels.

Quick Actions — Chronicle

Quick Actions

Estimate how much work is ahead based on the number of notifications you've received. Get quick access to tasks and projects where you were notified. Respond to comments in tasks with a single click. Change task completion dates without leaving Chronicle.

Important Events — Chronicle

Important Events

Set reminders in Chronicle and respond to messages later. The number of unread messages in your Chronicle is displayed in the browser tab icon, so you can keep track of messages while working in other tabs. Filter out read messages to find what you need.

Quick Responses

Click a message to go to a task and reply instantly.

Communication Center

Maintain messages from different chats and channels in one list.


Set reminders so you don't forget to respond to messages when you have free time.
Chronicle helps employees view all actions in tasks and projects where they were notified, and an empty inbox indicates that work is progressing.

Changing Task Data

Set a task's completion date directly in a message to ensure everything gets done on time.

Unread Event Count

Keep track of unread event count in browser tabs where Planfix is open.

Setting Up a Timeline

Select the corresponding display type to sort incoming messages by time received.
When you use Chronicle, you're always kept informed about events in tasks and projects you're linked to. Display all read events to find the message you're looking for.
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