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Basic Project Plan

A basic project plan is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize the initial and intermediate stages of a project in a Gantt chart.

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flexible management planning ahead picture of the day recognizing excellence
Flexible Management — Basic Project Plan

Flexible Management

A basic project plan enables us to identify task delays or accelerations by comparing them to the original schedule. This allows for the timely modification of workflow steps, providing more flexibility in managing projects.

Planning Ahead — Basic Project Plan


Planning Ahead

By setting deadlines for tasks in advance, you can always have a basic project plan at hand. This enables you to better control the work schedule and complete the project on time.

Picture of the Day — Basic Project Plan


Picture of the Day

Select a specific date to view the status of project tasks for that day. Planfix will display the basic plan for task completion and superimpose it on the current picture of the day, so any inconsistencies in the project's progress can be easily identified.

Recognizing Excellence — Basic Project Plan

Recognizing Excellence

The basic project plan can help you determine who on the team is moving the project forward and who may be slowing it down. This information is invaluable when it comes to recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance.

By combining the Gantt chart with the basic project plan, you can better understand the logic of working on tasks and projects, make connections between them, and monitor any deviations from the original schedule of project tasks. This improves the overall efficiency of project management and allows for better decision-making.
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