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Task Priority

Prioritization helps get you the best results at work with the least amount of effort. Prioritize tasks for a team, improve time management, and take planning to the next level.

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setting priorities system priorities custom priorities
Setting Priorities — Task Priority

Setting Priorities

Determine priorities for employee and department tasks, outlining your own business logic. Take advantage of configurations, which are prepared solutions that easily transform to meet the business needs of different companies.

System Priorities — Task Priority

System Priorities

Sort tasks by priority and indicate urgency so team members know to get started without delay.

Create tasks, determine their priority, and manage employee time. Monitor team workload and how members are completing their tasks while optimizing company business processes.
Custom Priorities — Task Priority

Custom Priorities

Use strategies like the Eisenhower matrix to set your own priorities for tasks and make quick decisions. Determine what needs to be done now (important and urgent), what you need to schedule (important but not urgent), what can be delegated (not important but urgent), and what can be abandoned (not important and not urgent).

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