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Task Chat

Chat by task is a built-in feature allowing you to communicate intuitively about tasks and projects, transfer files, send messages to external email addresses, and much more.

work with messages from messengers conversations with email flexibility in chat communication store and share files features of planfix chat
Work with Messages from Messengers  — Task Chat

Work with Messages from Messengers

Planfix allows you to combine multiple instant messengers into a single system for communicating with clients and storing and gaining access to data from various apps. This way, you'll save time processing applications that come in through multiple messengers.

Conversations with Email  — Task Chat

Conversations with Email

Set rules for incoming Planfix messages to organize your work with emails easily. Create virtual mail addresses, connect company mail, or send and receive letters to internal addresses associated with tasks or projects.

Flexibility in Chat Communication  — Task Chat

Flexibility in Chat Communication

With Planfix, you can save comments as drafts and reschedule their delivery at a convenient time for you or the client. The hidden comments feature protects your trade secrets from clients or colleagues without access.

Store and Share Files — Task Chat

Store and Share Files

In Planfix, you can store files received through various communication channels in a flexible management system and cloud storage. With quick access to files from tasks and contact cards, you can share them with colleagues in a few clicks and accelerate work on projects.

Features of Planfix Chat — Task Chat

Features of Planfix Chat

Besides letting you share comments with colleagues and clients in tasks, the chat flexibility allows you to create checklists from comments, add data tags, add reminders, and set up delayed message delivery.

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