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Table is a Planner display type that you can use to display the fields you need from tasks or contacts in a compact, minimalist interface.

flexibility displaying tasks configuration
Flexibility — Table


Simply drag and drop tasks or contacts within a table or between different planner lists, and the objects will automatically gain the properties of their new list. You can change a task's assignee, status, and more in this way.

Displaying Tasks — Table

Displaying Tasks

Display tasks as a table, specifying the parameters by which they will be selected in the Planner. Tables are great for displaying small numbers of tasks. For example, you can display the statuses of your own tasks or colleagues' tasks in a table and use it to get a quick overview of everyone's work.

Configuration — Table


The Planner's flexible settings let you specify more than just selection parameters. You can also set colors, add grouping or sorting, expand or collapse rows, or display totals, such as the number of tasks or contacts in a table.

Displaying tasks and contacts in tables helps you get a compact visual overview that will assist future work.
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