Planfix on Your Domain Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Planfix on Your Domain

Planfix is a corporate workflow management system that helps organize teamwork. Connect your domain, promote your brand, and work in one system with your clients, partners, and contractors.

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white label planfix promote your brand working with clients and partners
Take full advantage of working in the Planfix business process management system by using your own domain name.
White Label Planfix — Planfix on Your Domain

White Label Planfix

Log in to Planfix from your company's domain and use all the system's features without seeing the domain in the address bar. Share links, grant access to tasks, and link users to Planfix using your domain.

Promote Your Brand — Planfix on Your Domain

Promote Your Brand

Add your domain name and logo and customize the color scheme according to your company's brand book. Integrate the services and apps you need. The flexibility and customization of Planfix let you set it up to best serve your company's business processes.

Working with Clients and Partners — Planfix on Your Domain

Working with Clients and Partners

Create dashboards and connect your clients and partners to them. Use all the features of Planfix on a company address. This allows you to work with the system without revealing that things are actually happening in Planfix.

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