Move It = Change It Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Move It = Change It

Planfix lets you work with tasks and projects with ease, including using a drag-and-drop feature. Move tasks from one list to another and the tasks will gain the properties of the new list.

kanban gantt chart calendar teams
Kanban — Move It = Change It



Use drag-and-drop to move tasks to different boards and automatically change their status, assignees, and other settings.

Gantt Chart — Move It = Change It


Gantt Chart

Make tasks sequential or recurring, or drag their edges on the chart to change their start or end dates. Change task logic and establish connections among tasks right in the Gantt chart.

Calendar — Move It = Change It



Move tasks in a calendar to automatically change their completion dates. Plan meetings and calls right in the calendar. Set task selection parameters in calendars, and specify assignees or counterparties that will be added automatically to tasks created in the calendar.

Teams — Move It = Change It



Divide tasks among team members with a simple drag and drop. For example, you can move tasks for designers to a list for the design department and the tasks will automatically gain the settings of this list, namely the designers will be added to the task assignees.

Planfix was created to simplify your routine work. Move tasks from list to list and automatically change their settings.
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