Drag-n-Drop Planfix CRM and Project Management System


It will be easier and faster to work with documents when you use the Drag-n-Drop feature. You can upload files by dragging and dropping them directly into tasks and contacts to reduce upload time.

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Multiple File Upload — Drag-n-Drop

Multiple File Upload

Save time by uploading multiple files to Planfix using the Drag-n-Drop feature.

Tasks — Drag-n-Drop


Drag-and-drop files from one task to another or add them to a task using Drag-n-Drop. You can move documents between browser tabs using Drag-n-Drop.

Contacts — Drag-n-Drop


Drag-and-drop files to your contact card to quickly access copies of personal documents, for instance. Business process management system Planfix allows companies to streamline their operational work and improve productivity.

Planfix is a business process management system that simplifies and accelerates operational work.
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