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Document Templates

Use document templates to automate company workflows. Set variables for fields in tasks, projects, contacts, and data tags, and Planfix will pull data from these objects into the documents created.

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For Sales — Document Templates


For Sales

Create templates for invoices, sales proposals, pricings, and other similar documents to save your sales department from having to create them from scratch every time.

For Finances — Document Templates


For Finances

Work faster with documents. Create templates for contracts, reports, analytical summaries, and other financial documents. Minimize labor costs for routine tasks and creating documents.

For Marketing — Document Templates


For Marketing

Create budgets, reports on marketing campaign miscalculations, and internal documentation to improve marketing team performance.

For Managers — Document Templates


For Managers

Document templates structure and automate the process of working with all types of documents. You define what data to add to the template, set up access, and share the created documents with your team.

Automate work with documents and save time. Coordinate with clients on contracts, layouts, and other important documents in the format you need: Word, Excel, or PDF.
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