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Bulk Task Changes

Bulk task modification is a Planfix tool that helps you manage large quantities of tasks at once, minimizing time and resources spent.

bulk actions with a few clicks possible modifications useful for participants useful for managers
Bulk Actions with a Few Clicks — Bulk Task Changes

Bulk Actions with a Few Clicks

Modify Planfix elements or add, delete, and recalculate fields, all in a matter of clicks, and speed up your work on tasks.

Possible Modifications — Bulk Task Changes

Possible Modifications

Use bulk actions to modify task participants, deadlines, or statuses. You can also use bulk actions to set reminders and change field visibility.

Useful for Participants — Bulk Task Changes

Useful for Participants

Use bulk actions to update deadlines and statuses for tasks you're linked to and increase your productivity.

Useful for Managers — Bulk Task Changes

Useful for Managers

Use bulk actions to modify tasks for yourself and team members: change task dates, statuses, and fields, or add/remove participants.

Use bulk actions on tasks to offload routine tasks to Planfix and speed up your work.
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