HR Management Planfix CRM and Project Management System

HR Management

Transfer basic HR processes to a project management system Planfix.

Maintain staff records, communicate with colleagues, and inform employees about important company news all through a single system.

Corporate Calendars

Human Resources Management



Reminders And Notifications

Corporate Calendars — HR Management

Corporate Calendars

Keep calendars for weekends and holidays.
Keep track of your employees' working hours with time tracking.
Plan vacations, days off, and sick days.
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Human Resources Management — HR Management

Human Resources Management

Manage your organizational structure directly with Planfix.
Set a company structure, create teams, and define relations between teams, workgroups, or departments.
Maintain staff records by filling out employee cards.
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Onboarding — HR Management


Facilitate onboarding with automated task processes and pre-built templates.
Create email templates for teams or company roles.
Prepare onboarding for each position.
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Education — HR Management


Record helpful information in directories: company and job descriptions as well as documents.
Turn Planfix into a complete knowledge base.
Create document templates. Store all versions in a single system.
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Reminders And Notifications — HR Management

Reminders And Notifications

Robots have to work! Put your routine tasks on the shoulders of Planfix.
Set up automated scripts, reminder calendars, and connection bots. The system will inform employees and send them reminders all on its own.
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Time Management — HR Management

Time Management

Manage your working hours and keep track of your employees' working hours. Calendars, reminders, and notifications help you keep everything under control and remind your colleagues about important events. Manage business processes is a single platform.

Employee Work Schedules

View time-off calendars by employee or department. Set a working schedule for each department or division.


Direct attention to a task or contact when needed. Planfix can remind you about a task or contact at a specified time.


Notifications are sent at a specified time and help people get important tasks done on time. Such tasks could be for routine equipment maintenance or regular security system maintenance.
Employee Management — HR Management

Employee Management

Simplify the HR management workflow. Manage your company structure, assign roles, and define relations between teams, workgroups, or departments. Manage all external and internal employee processes in a single human resource management system.

Time Zones

Set the desired time zone in the system to make it easier to collaborate with remote employees.

Temporary Replacement

Any employee can be set as a temporary replacement. Temporary replacements receive notifications sent to the absent employee and assume the responsibilities of their work.

Company Structure

Visually assess how employees are distributed in workgroups and the relationships between them.


Pre-built integrations make it easy to integrate other services with human resource management information system. We make Planfix effortless to use by combining it with your favorite applications.

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Planfix offers HR system tools that make your work more pleasant and minimize the cost and effort of routine tasks.
Automation — HR Management


Automation is an essential tool for making routine tasks easier. Create automatic scripts and templates once, and the system will process them continuously.

Task Templates for New Employees

Create a task that every new employee will be assigned. Add any instructions, routines, or useful information to this task.


Robots are like employees you don't have to pay. Use robots to communicate with customers or inform employees about events related to their work.

Task Scripts

Set up automatic sequences of operations on tasks that are linked to specific events and sets of conditions.

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