Business Solutions for Enterprise Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Business Solutions for Enterprise

A unified ecosystem for managing all your company’s business processes. Improve teamwork efficiency with a platform that scales to meet your business needs and grows alongside your business.

Unified Environment for Large Businesses Planfix CRM and Project Management System


Unified Environment for Large Businesses

Planfix allows you to address various company needs and create a unique corporate management system for a large company. It is customizable and scalable to fit your specific requirements.

Planning and forecasting.

Automation of business processes in conjunction with AI.

Flexible accounting during task and project execution.
Corporate Management System that Operates by Your Rules
Task Management
Enterprise task management system: from chaos to order.
Project Management
Comprehensive project management for projects of any scale and complexity.
CRM Transformer
Fully customizable CRM system for large businesses.
Planfix is not just a collection of individual features or tools. It is a unified management system that automates processes for teams of any size and field.
Flexible Security Settings Planfix CRM and Project Management System


Flexible Security Settings

The flexibility of security settings in Planfix allows you to define access rights for internal system users and external contacts. The system automatically logs all user activities.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication to enhance the security of your corporate data.

IP-Based Access Configuration

You can determine who has access to which data by configuring access based on IP addresses.

Action Logging

Logging of task and contact fields shows where and when a specific user accessed the system, what changes were made, and what information was viewed.
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What Sets Planfix Apart from other Business Process Management Systems?
A new level of effective communication
The chat feature in Planfix is genuinely innovative. It provides a unified workspace for tasks and projects, bringing together processes and teams.
Communication with clients within the system
Seamless integration allows you to receive requests, orders, and tickets sent via email, Telegram, or WhatsApp directly in Planfix.
Flexible tracking of any data
Track time, expenses, resources, and more. Keep records during task management, project execution, deal handling, and customer interactions.

More Possibilities with Planfix API

Receive and transmit any data using the API. Connect your corporate chats, customize telephony, and develop your configurations and applications.

More Possibilities with Planfix API Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Data Import into Planfix

Save your work and corporate data by transferring them to Planfix.  Export contacts and documents, events, and data from Google Calendar and tasks and projects from Microsoft Project.





Unique interfaces for each user.
Customize personalized interfaces for specific teams or even individual employees.
Simplify system familiarization and onboarding for your employees.
You can choose which sections are displayed to employees and avoid overwhelming them with a complex, multifunctional interface.


Using the Whiteboard feature, you can visualize your ideas, large-scale projects, and global strategies.
Transfer project work or development strategies into visually understandable, structured diagrams.
Even the most complex concepts and intricate processes are easier to implement and launch after visualization.
Explore the Whiteboard feature, a tool that simplifies planning.


Make Planfix look like your corporate system.
Customize corporate colors and add your company logo and links to your websites and services.
Connect external users.
Present your company and promote your brand to both internal and external users.
A Fresh Perspective on Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration Organization
Sales Efficiency Management
Multichannel Marketing
Human Resources Management
Operational Activities Automation
Customer Support
Planfix allows you to cover a wide range of company needs in one product and create a unique corporate management system that will operate according to your rules.
1 - 99 Users
1 - 250 Users
6+ Users

Planfix integrated with all popular services and systems

Connect your existing apps and workflows with pre-made integrations available for 400+ popular apps, plus custom integrations for more advanced users.


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