What is a "Hidden" project?

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You can regulate which project names are visible in project lists for employees and external contacts with Planfix access:


Keep in mind that even if a project doesn't have the "Hidden" status, project tasks are only visible to people with access. Other users can see the name of an open project in the project list, but they can't see the project's tasks.

Hidden from employees

By default, all projects are visible in the project list to any account employee. By setting a project to "Hidden," we allow only the employees who are participating in it to see it in the list (employees who have access to at least one project task). This can be useful when employees not involved in a project don't need to know that it exists.

Hidden from clients

By default, external contacts with Planfix access only see the names of projects in the list where their company is the counterparty. This prevents contacts from seeing the names of other companies' projects, even if those projects are NOT set to "Hidden for clients."

However, sometimes a client needs to hide project names from contacts who don't have access to project tasks. This usually happens when different divisions of a client's company are participating in different projects in your account, or if a client's supervisor is participating. Cases like this are what "Hidden for contacts" is for. When you activate this setting, you deny project access to all of the client's contacts except those who have access to the project (those with access to at least one task will have access).

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