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Here are the basic principles of controlling access to Planfix tasks:

  1. A task's assigner, assignees, and participants have access to the task
  2. Task auditors and auditors of the project the task is to have access to the task
  3. The manager of the assigner or an assignees has access to the task
  4. Account administrators have access to tasks
  5. If a client is a participant in a task or an auditor of a task or project, they also have access to the task or project (respectively)

Additional info

  • If an employee or client has access to one of a project's tasks, that doesn't mean that they will see other tasks or files associated with the project
  • Actions can be added within a task that will only be visible to selected users and administrators/auditors (more).


More information about task access can be found in the Access by Role Table.

You can also regulate access to projects, task templates, task filters, contacts, planners, directories, reports, and data tags in Planfix, but you can set that up later.

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