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Planfix allows you to create tasks without assignees, but tasks do generally have assignees.

Task assignees can be:

  • employees from your account;
  • employee groups;
  • clients whom you have given access to your account;
  • external contacts without access to your account.

Task assignees are selected from a list of all employees and contacts:


If an employee group is selected as a task's assignee, all group members will have access to the task, be able to add actions to it, and be able to change its status. New employees added to the group will gain access to the task.

If an external contact without access to your Planfix account is selected as an assignee, they will be able to work with the task through email. Their responses to email notifications from Planfix will be added to the task as comments. Files attached to these emails will be added to the task. This makes it possible to organize work with external freelancers or clients. They will communicate with you by email, and you will be able to view work on the task in the activity feed.

Account employees and clients whom you have given access to your account will see the task in their task list (Tasks / Inbox). They can add comments, files, and other information to the task using actions. They can also add actions to the task by email, using the feature described above.


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