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Planfix offers flexible task filtration using complex conditions. You can share the filters you create with other employees and clients, use them for bulk actions on tasks, and use them with your Planner.

Creating a filter

Filters are created in the Tasks section, by clicking the plus sign icon on the left-hand side of the quick search box and selecting New filter from the menu that appears:


In the window that appears, you can give your filter a name and a set of conditions that the tasks it selects must meet:


Each condition is automatically numbered. Condition numbers are used in the Filter logic block for setting general conditions for selecting tasks:


Example: The filter in this screenshot selects tasks where I am the assigner and the assignees are Valentine or Olga Mikhailovna Vorobyeva.

The last element in the window for creating a filter lets you place the filter in the quick access panel, where you see the default filters (All / Incoming / Outgoing, etc.):


It's not often that you need to add a filter to this panel; you'll usually just need to select tasks one time based on some criteria. But if you're planning on using your filter often, it makes sense to put it in the left-hand panel.

You can use a filter you make one time (using the "Filter" button), or you can save it to your list of filters for future use (using the "Filter and save" button).

Settings for displaying columns

Planfix enables you to customize the list of task fields displayed in the list of tasks. This configuration occurs and is "remembered" at the filter level. You can access configuration mode by clicking on the gear icon:


In addition to standard fields, you can also add values from custom fields that you have added to the system:


Filter management

Filter management opens when you click the icon with the three vertical dots:


You can also get to it by clicking on the filter name:


In the management interface you can:

  • Edit a filter;
  • Set a filter as default (it will open when you go to the Tasks section);
  • Manage the filters displayed on the quick access panel;
  • Switch to a different filter;
  • Grant filter access to employees or clients;
  • Create a copy of a filter;
  • Move a filter to a filter group;
  • Delete a filter.

Use a simple drag and drop to change the order in which filters are displayed on the side panel:



  • If there are no user fields in a task, or if the fields are not available to the employee using a filter, the conditions for selecting based on a field are not fulfilled.
  • If you have applied a filter and create a task in the quick create a field or by clicking the Create button, task fields will be populated automatically according to what's set in the filter's selection parameters.

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