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There is a field in task filters and Planner lists that can be used to quickly create a task:


If you type a name and press Enter, Planfix will create a task with this name, with settings that correspond to the task selection parameters in this column. The same works for filters and contact lists: a contact/company will be created with the name you enter and settings that are the same as the selection parameters for the list.

Something important to keep in mind is that when creating tasks and contacts in filters (including in Planner lists), these objects will automatically have the properties set in the filter parameters. This leads to the following:

  • objects created automatically appear in the filter since they meet the filter's selection criteria;
  • entering data is simplified, since some of the task or contact fields will be taken from the filter settings — this saves users time and reduces the chance of error.

How filter parameters are applied when creating an object

  • All of the selection parameters listed in the selection conditions are applied to the task or contact sequentially, in the order in which they are specified in the filter.
  • If there are several standard conditions in the list, only the last condition will be applied. For example, if the list of conditions is Status 1 OR Status 2, Status 2 will be used.

This logic exists so that you can explicitly indicate which condition should be applied — simply list it last.


If the values in the task or contact template fields are different from those in the filter parameters, then the values from the filter will be applied when setting these fields for the new object.

Where the logic is applied

  • In task filters:
    • When clicking the Create button
    • When entering a task name in the quick task creation field
  • In contact filters:
    • When clicking the New contact or New company button
  • In Planner lists:
    • When entering a task name in the quick task or contact creation field
    • When clicking the Plus sign icon for creating a task using the expanded form

Example 1

A Planner list has the following selection parameters:


Tasks in it are grouped by date and are displayed in the following way:


If you enter the name of a new task in the "Create" field for 5/4 and click Enter, a task will be created with the following properties:

  • Task name: what you entered in the field
  • Project: Customer orders
  • Assignee: the user who created the task
  • Auditor: John Smith
  • Planned completion date: May 4 (since grouping by date is enabled and we entered the task in the block for this date)

Example 2

A task filter has the following parameters:


When creating a task in this filter, it will automatically have the following parameters:

  • Assignee: the user who created the task
  • Task status: Decision making (since this is the last status in the list)

Example 3

A contact filter has the following parameters:


When creating a new contact in this filter, it will automatically have the following parameters:

  • Contact group: Contractor
  • Supervisor: Tom Jones (since he is the last person in the list of supervisors)

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