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Planners are Planfix's main tool for organizing your work on tasks. With your Planner, you can see all your tasks on one screen — but the key feature of Planners is that you can quickly modify task parameters simply by dragging and dropping tasks from one column to another.


There are two columns in a planner: Petrov's tasks and Sidorov's tasks. If you drag a task from the first column to the second, the assignee switches from Petrov to Sidorov.  

The exact parameters that change depending on the conditions for the column to which you've dragged the task. This gives you extensive control over tasks just by dragging them from one column to another.

How the Planner section works

In the Planner section, you can create any number of workspaces or planners. Each of these planners can contain any number of task lists. When you move a task from one list to another, you modify the task parameters.

Creating a planner

Working in a planner

Potential problems

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